Are People becoming too Dependent on Computers?

images (2)As we go about our everyday life, we don’t take the time to consider how dependent we have become on our computers. Almost every aspect of our lives is affected by the infiltration of computers and technology. We rely on computers to make our lives easier. For example, we conduct business from home using computers. We keep in touch with new and old friends via computers. We maintain communications with distant friends and family using computers. So, my question is, are we becoming too dependent on computers?

Take children. These days a child of two knows how to operate a computer. She will climb onto the chair, switch the computer on, and find games and play. Children are learning how to use computers to do fun activities, as well as, learn, starting very young. There is an advantage to this fact. They enhance their manual dexterity skills as they operate a computer mouse and keyboard. However, sadly, they also lose out on fine motor skills that come with writing using a pen and paper. Handwriting is a necessary skill that will most likely not be replaced in today’s world.

Computers decrease our knowledge of spellings. Many computer programs come with auto correct facilities that automatically correct any spelling errors. Sometimes, these words are corrected without the knowledge of the writer. Sometimes, we are unable to function without an autocorrect facility on the computer. That is how reliant we have become on computers. Although this factor increases the writing process, it decreases your spelling skills.

Computers are often considered obsessive. Many people neglect their day to day activities to conduct other activities on the computer. For example, let’s take the mother who neglected her child in order to care for a cyber-baby! Instead of attending to the “real” child, she cares for the cyber-child. This factor shows us that we have become too dependent on computers.

One outstanding factor regarding the dependence of computers is one of safety. Privacy and safety are things of the past with the computer. We share our innermost secrets and wishes online, leaving ourselves wide open to cyber-stalking and various other issues. In addition, we store most of our personal and financial information online that we don’t know what to do when something happens and it goes wrong. In addition, all this personal and financial information is open for stealing and we stand to lose our hard earned savings. Cyber stealing is very common and this why everyone should keep their online information private and secure.

Then, take children who do nothing but play games on the computer. There are times when they complain that there is nothing to do when there is no computer. They too are totally dependent on computers to make their lives happy and content.

Are we totally dependent on computers? The answer should be clear enough if you examine your lives and think about the time you spend online and the amount of information shared with others. when you ignore the world for a cyber-world, you are in the danger zone. If you have a safe, secure, healthy balance of the two worlds, then you are not too dependent on computers.

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