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The Effect of Violence on Children

imagesAccording to research, children who play violent material grow up to be violent themselves. The same study also shows that children who watch violent material on television also have a tendency towards aggressive behavior. Playing video games, according to some researchers, is beneficial for a child as it builds proficiency and coordination. Others also suggest that just because one watches or plays violent material, it does not mean a child will grow up to be violent. How far is this true? What about children who witness violence of some form every day of their lives? Do these children also grow up to show aggressive behavior, and do they also repeat the same behavior? What is the effect of violence on children? Continue reading

Is Childhood Obesity a Reflection of Parental Negligence?

images (5)Almost 17% of children and adolescents, aged 2 – 19 are obese. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), childhood obesity has doubled in the last 30 years. The percentage of children with obesity, in the United States, has increased by 7%, in 1980, to 18% in 2012. What is obesity? Obesity is defined by having too much body fat. As children are incapable of making the right decisions, when it comes to their food and activities, isn’t it the parents’ job to ensure that their kids eat right and get the proper amount of exercise? Is childhood obesity a reflection of parental negligence? Continue reading

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder – Dispelling the Myths

PTSDThere are many people who don’t believe that post traumatic stress disorder or PTSD exists. But, a majority of people do suffer from this psychological condition. What is PTSD? This is a psychological condition that occurs after a terrible, horrifying ordeal. This ordeal can be something that occurred at once, such as, an accident, or something that occurred over a lifetime, such as, sexual abuse. A person who suffers from PTSD may even not have gone through the ordeal. It could have happened to someone he or she cares about. Whatever the incidents and occurrences, post traumatic stress disorder does exist. However, there are also many myths related to PTSD. This essay is about some of these myths. Continue reading

Antisocial Personality Disorder Defined

downloadSome people find it very difficult to socialize in public places. They can become very agitated and disruptive in social gatherings. Although it is not a common sight for many to see a person like this, this is a chronic mental condition. This condition is known as antisocial personality disorder. This is a disorder that alters the way a person thinks about his or her surroundings, and often, can lead to very destructive behavior. People with this psychological problem have no regard and perception of right and wrong and do not consider nor pay attention to other’s feelings. Yes, it is a psychological disorder that requires treatment. Continue reading

Social Media Addiction

images (1)Social media has been considered a positive factor for many as it helps people stay connected with family and friends. When it was invented, the inventors of social media networks would never have dreamed of the impact social media would have on people. Although social media is indeed a positive thing, it can become an addiction and affect the daily lives of many people. For example, when a person does nothing but log online and stay connected on Facebook or Twitter, it disrupts their daily lives. This is addiction, and it is a psychological problem. This essay will discuss a few signs of social media addiction. Continue reading