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Advertising and its Influence on Consumer Behavior

download (7)It is all over the place! Wherever we look, we are plagued with advertising. It is in the papers, the television, radio, and internet, you name it, it is there. Advertising is necessary for a business. This is the mode of getting the message across to the consumers. If a product or service is to be made familiar with consumers, the best way to do it is through advertising. There are various advertising methods. However, they all influence the buying behavior of the consumer. This essay will discuss advertising and its influence on consumer behavior. Continue reading

Types of Competition in Marketing

imagesThere are different types of competition in marketing depending on the industry and companies within that industry. It is necessary for business owners, irrespective of the size of the business, to understand these different types of competition in marketing especially as it depends on the pricing and production decisions they make. This essay is about the different types of competition in marketing. Continue reading

How to Build Brand Interest

download (2)A new company or an old, it does not matter, the interest in a particular brand or brands is of primary importance. This is not an easy task. Many businesspeople figure getting people to purchase a brand is easy, and therein lays their first mistake. Building brand interest is not easy. It is a task that takes much consideration and time and effort. This essay will provide you with a few ways of building brand interest. Continue reading

Direct Marketing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

download (1)Direct marketing is a popular concept these days. The days of using mail method to get customers to acknowledge products and services are long gone. Instead, many modern marketers are using the direct marketing method. What is direct marketing? This is the act of selling product and services directly to the public. Many marketers use telemarketing or mail order etc. instead of going through retailers to get their products or services across to the general public. Although an extremely effective tool when it comes to marketing, many marketers make costly mistakes, when it comes to direct marketing. This essay is about how to avoid these mistakes. Continue reading

How to Achieve the Right Marketing Mix

four_principles_of_the_markA business needs customers as soon as it opens. This is a fact. If this is not every business person’s wish, then they should not be in operation. However, finding the right marketing mix is not always an easy thing. The right approach is to come up with a good marketing mix that will help the business get new sales and also to keep the customer base for a long period. This factor is easier said than done. This essay is about a few simple guidelines on how to achieve the right marketing mix. Continue reading