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Is Media a Good Thing or a Bad Thing?

download (3)Media is a powerful mode of communication and is important to all of society. It enables society to obtain information, promote products, educate people etc. Media has been around for many decades. Although media started with the newspaper, in the present day, with the development of technology, there are various forms of media. The television and the internet are the two most predominant forms of media today. Millions of people obtain information they need to go about their daily lives through these methods of media. However, there is much controversy about the negative and positive aspects of the media. Continue reading

Water Pollution Essay

images (2)The usefulness of water cannot be underestimated. It is as essential to man as oxygen is for breathing. Water is vital for so many aspects of life. It is important for digestion, for aiding in supplying oxygen and nutrition to cells, maintenance of muscle tone etc. One is able to live without food for weeks, but is unable to stay for weeks without water. 70% of Earth’s surface is covered in water, but only 2% is fit for consumption. This 2% is also depleting at an alarming rate. Because water is so precious, everything must be done to conserve it and keep it from getting polluted. Continue reading

Why is the World Hungry?

download (4)Many of us take food for granted. When hungry, all we have to do is open the refrigerator and make a sandwich. Or visit the nearest deli. Did you know more than 925 million people around the world are without food? Do you know they have not had a meal in two or three days? 65% of the world’s hungry live in India, China, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Pakistan and Ethiopia. According the World Food Program, there is enough food to feed the world population of 7 billion. So, if there is enough food to feed the entire world, how are people going hungry? Continue reading