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The Necessity of Saving Money

accounting-finance-9538289Very few people around the world have good saving habits. Of course, stagnant wages, rising cost of living and the general lack of financial knowledge are some of the factors which prevent people from saving money. However, putting away a few dollars or as much as possible every month is necessary. But, what is the necessity of saving money? It is necessary for a person’s sanity, happiness and independence. Continue reading

The Rules of Islamic Banking

download (2)The Islamic way of banking has always fascinated me. This is a method of banking that is practiced around the world and is one that greatly varies when compared to the more conventional way of banking. The laws governing banking, for Muslims, are extremely strict. Every Muslim has to adhere to these laws and, without a doubt, every Muslim does. The rules of Islamic banking are complex and interesting. This essay is about some of them. Continue reading

How to Solve the Poverty Crisis to Improve the Economy

imagesAlmost half the world lives on less than $2 a day. The majority of these countries are in so much debt to the World Bank they are unable to pay it back no matter how much they may try. Poverty is a word most people find synonymous with third world countries. However, poverty does affect other countries too. Poverty affects the economy of the country. This is no surprise. It also affects various other factors of the country. How does a country go about solving the poverty crisis in order to improve the economy? Continue reading

The Economic Effects of the Death Penalty

download (11)The death penalty is a phrase that conjures many arguments. It is a problem for many states as it is a controversial subject. A person who is sentenced to die by lethal injection or hanging can cost the state, and the country, a significant amount of money. However, many people do not discuss this problem at length. Instead, they tend to concentrate mainly on whether the person sentenced to die is innocent or guilty. Whatever the verdict, the death penalty is wreaking havoc on the country’s economy. Continue reading

Gathering Knowledge about the Great Depression

downloadEveryone talks about the Great Depression of the 1930s, but very few know its facts. Many only know that it was a difficult time when the stock market crashed in the United States and that many people took their own lives as they could not cope with the sudden loss of job and home. What is the Great Depression? What makes it so significant? Continue reading