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Factors that Affect Business Leadership

images (2)Business leaders have a hard task in front of them. They are the ones that guide their employees to do the right thing and ensure that the business is profitable. Business leaders are the ones who make the decisions and make sure they are followed. They are the ones who manage their employees and try and get the most out of them. No matter what the task they are called upon to perform, a business leader’s success is based on a few factors. This essay is abotu some of the factors that affect business leadership.  Continue reading

Internal and External Environmental Factors that Affect a Business

Effective Communication in the WorkplaceChange is unavoidable. Every business goes through many changes. Sometimes, these are good changes while at other times they are not. These changes need to be met and accepted and the business should adjust to these changes. If the business does not do so, it is doomed to fail. Each change can affect the business in a negative or positive way. Changes can be within the business environment or outside the business environment. It is how these changes are handled that affects the business. This essay is about some internal and external environmental factors that affect a business.  Continue reading

Dos and Don’ts of Starting a Business

downloadStarting a business venture can be exciting and nerve-wracking all at the same time. There is so much to see to and so much to do. A business venture requires a tremendous amount of time and effort to get off the ground. So many businesses have failed because the new businessmen and women have no idea what to do and what not to do when it comes to starting a business. This essay is about some dos and don’ts of starting a business. Continue reading

The Negative Effects of Procrastination

downloadWhen it comes to an assigned task, one must strive to do it as soon as possible. Putting it off will only cause untold complications that can be avoided if the task was done when it was assigned. Many managers have problems with employees due to their procrastination tendencies. Why do people procrastinate? This is a good question and one that has many possible answers. All these answers cannot help a person if he or she is not willing to do what has to be done immediately without waiting around. Procrastination has many negative effects. This essay is about some of them. Continue reading

How should Small Businesses Avoid Bankruptcy

download (2)New or small businesses have one thing in mind and one thing they would do anything to avoid. That is bankruptcy. What is bankruptcy? Bankruptcy is when a business is unable to pay the outstanding debts they owe customers or suppliers. For example, a clothing business that cannot pay the suppliers and the people who sew the clothes will have to file for bankruptcy. Although bankruptcy can help the businessman get out of the major portion of debt, it can also place the business person in a major quandary as he or she has to rebuild his or her financial life from the very beginning. So, the best way of remaining financially stable is to avoid bankruptcy. How can a small business avoid bankruptcy? Continue reading