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Human Rights and the Types of Human Rights Violations

downloadHumans have rights. These are rights any law has to abide by irrespective of the circumstances. These basic rights include certain civil liberties and political rights. The most salient right to all humans is their right to life and physical safety. The protection of human rights ensures a certain degree of decent humane treatment. We hear a lot about the violation of human rights. This is when the basic rights of humans are denied. There are a many violations. This essay is about these types of human rights violations. Continue reading

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Republican Government

imagesEveryone hears the words republican and democrat when it comes time for elections. But, very few people understand what republican means and the implications a republican government can have on society. Many countries are republics. For example, the United States of America is a republic country. No one can likely say a republic government is the best for any country. It does come with its advantages and disadvantages. This essay is about some of these advantages and disadvantages. Continue reading

The Importance of Elections to a Democratic Country

download (3)All democratic countries elect a president and Members of Parliament with an election. This is of utmost importance to a country that states that it is a democracy. What is a democracy? A democracy is a government selected by the people of a country. The people elect a governing body to ensure that the country is run smoothly and these elected officials will bring the country prosperity by governing it in the right manner. A democracy was a good idea during the ancient times. For example, Greece was run very well on a democracy where people directly participated in the elections. However, in today’s times, where there are millions of people, in countries, such as, China, Russia, USA and India, elections in a democractic country is a bit of a problem. Continue reading

The Pros and Cons of Democracy

downloadMany countries are democratic countries. These are countries where a president or leaders are selected by elections and where many laws are approved by the population. This means all the people of the country have a say in what goes on in the country. As all people are unable to voice their opinions, they elect a figurehead who does this for them. Although many countries consider democracy an advantage, there are many pros and cons to this way of governing. This essay is about some of the pros and cons of democracy. Continue reading

Why Should Abortion be Legalized in all Countries?

keep-abortion-legal-posterThe issue of abortion has been an issue of contention in the United States for more than a century. However, the issue of abortion has been settled in every state in the country, and is enjoying universal protection under the law since the 1970s. Although abortion is legal in the States, it is not so in many countries around the world. For example, almost 25% of the world’s countries restrict abortion. It is only possible if the mother is in grave danger. Why should abortion be legalized in all countries? Continue reading