The Root Cause of Low Employee Morale

images (1)Employees need to be happy and dedicated to their work and place of work in order for the business or company to succeed. Any reason for the compromise of their happiness and dedication should be looked into without fail, because low employee morale is a major problem for any business. One of the leading concerns, regarding unhappy employees, is reduced productivity. This can also lead to poor customer service and employee retention. There are many things a business can do to increase morale. This can be through raises, benefits and bonuses etc. However, if the employee morale has not lifted even with these, it is time to consider the root cause of low employee morale. Continue reading

Downsizing and its Impact on the Rest of the Employees

download (6)Many companies downsize in times of financial trouble. This reduces the scale of a business. Downsizing can occur for a multitude of reasons. It can be due to lack of skill, outsourcing, modernization etc. For example, so many businesses downsized during the recession. This meant letting people go without long-term notice and with only a month or so pay advance. Downsizing, although might be good for the business, and helps it stay afloat during tough times, is not good for the rest of the employees. No matter how much they may try to prepare themselves for this factor, when it actually comes to it, no employee is prepared for it. Plus, downsizing can also have an impact on the rest of the employees. Continue reading

Product Life Cycle Management

download (5)Most consumers do not consider the planning and work that go into the manufacture of goods. They simply purchase the goods they wish for and go about their daily lives. However, the production of goods takes considerable effort. It is a task that requires time and energy, and 100% dedication. The whole process of planning the product, to designing it, and manufacturing it, and disposing of it is referred to as product life cycle management. This is also referred to as PLM. Continue reading

Is Media a Good Thing or a Bad Thing?

download (3)Media is a powerful mode of communication and is important to all of society. It enables society to obtain information, promote products, educate people etc. Media has been around for many decades. Although media started with the newspaper, in the present day, with the development of technology, there are various forms of media. The television and the internet are the two most predominant forms of media today. Millions of people obtain information they need to go about their daily lives through these methods of media. However, there is much controversy about the negative and positive aspects of the media. Continue reading

How to Build Brand Interest

download (2)A new company or an old, it does not matter, the interest in a particular brand or brands is of primary importance. This is not an easy task. Many businesspeople figure getting people to purchase a brand is easy, and therein lays their first mistake. Building brand interest is not easy. It is a task that takes much consideration and time and effort. This essay will provide you with a few ways of building brand interest. Continue reading