Marketing Essay – Examining the Pros and Cons of Direct Marketing

Direct MarketingThe words “direct marketing” mean exactly what they imply. This is when a company directly approaches a consumer in order to either sell or order a product. This is a very fruitful method of marketing if it is conducted in the proper manner. However, this type of marketing has its plusses and minuses.

A minus or a major disadvantage to direct marketing is its intrusiveness. For example, the most widely used method of direct marketing is telemarketing. This is when people call potential buyers, in their home, hoping to make a sale with their company’s product. Although very common, this method of marketing is difficult and also is a hindrance to many consumers because it is annoying. This is because telemarketing staff have a very annoying habit of calling at extremely inopportune times. Fortunately, now there is a law against telemarketers calling numbers on a particular registry where consumers have included their numbers. However, telemarketing does have its plus side. It saves manpower as most messages are pre-recorded, cheaper than face-to-face contact and most people tend to talk more freely on the phone and don’t feel threatened as they would with face-to-face contact.

Email marketing is another method of direct marketing. This, although effective up to a point, results in creating a nuisance to consumers. Spam emails are the result of email marketing and this can result in customers considering the company less than reputable. This method of direct marketing are often successful, but very few at this point. Email marketing is cheaper as accumulating and maintaining an email list costs less than collecting standard mail addresses. In addition, the cost of mailing is also saved as emails are free of charge and printing cost is minimized. Marketing by email is less time-consuming. However, it also may result in the consumer never seeing the mails as they go into the spam folder and very few consumers may look in here.

Social media marketing is now considered one of the most popular methods of direct marketing. Many marketers are now able to connect with consumers on a one-on-one basis thanks to social media networks, such as, Twitter, Facebook, MySpace etc. However it does have its pros and cons. Social media marketing is an outstanding method of reeling in new customers as the potential is unlimited. This method of marketing also enables marketers to learn directly how to improve their products and services. It is also cost-efficient and builds brand loyalty. However, there are a handful of disadvantages to social media marketing too. For example, the creation and editing and publishing of content and its maintenance can take up much time. It also requires the marketer to come up, frequently, with new and innovative content and also is open to criticism. In addition, building relations and brand loyalty takes much time and effort and this can result in the delayed return on investments.

As is clear, direct marketing comes with its very own pros and cons. However, the proper methods of dealing with direct marketing and delivering it in the right manner, can have a significant impact on sales.

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