Advertising and its Influence on Consumer Behavior

download (7)It is all over the place! Wherever we look, we are plagued with advertising. It is in the papers, the television, radio, and internet, you name it, it is there. Advertising is necessary for a business. This is the mode of getting the message across to the consumers. If a product or service is to be made familiar with consumers, the best way to do it is through advertising. There are various advertising methods. However, they all influence the buying behavior of the consumer. This essay will discuss advertising and its influence on consumer behavior.

The most popular method of getting a product or service familiar with consumers is through advertising and promotion. Customers will have no idea about products and services unless they are made known to them. Advertising and promotion provides the consumer with information about the facts of the product or service. Advertising is not supposed to approve or disapprove of the product. It is supposed to be neutral, and the sole idea of the advertisement is to bring about knowledge of the product or service to the consumer. What makes consumers interested in the product or service? At this point, it is mere curiosity about the product or service that makes them look for it.

Advertising also provides consumers about the functional aspects of the product or service. This is what most consumers are looking for. How useful is the product or service? Most advertisements list out all the functional aspects of a product or service. The consumer watching the advertisement, at home, will be munching on chips and thinking β€œhey, this looks interesting and it could be what I am looking for!” This is the influence on consumer behavior advertisers are looking for.

Advertising also provides consumers with details on how happy life would be with the product or service. As humans, we all look for means of happiness. If the product or service promises to make us happy, hey, why not, purchase it and see. This part of advertising deals with emotions. It leads to impulse buying. There can also be a bit of competition to obtain the product or service which is just what advertisers wish for.

Most often, an advertisement is showcased; especially on television or radio so many times that one almost becomes sick of the hearing or seeing it. However, this is an excellent tactic of advertisers, and how it influences consumer behavior is like this. A person who has seen or heard the advertisement many times, will suddenly remember it upon seeing it on the shelf in the supermarket, and may be compelled to buy it because of all the fuss it creates.

Although advertising influences the consumer to purchase products or services, it is solely up to the product or service to ensure that the consumer is happy with it. A consumer can either reject or accept the product or service. This can happen no matter how good the advertising is. Bottom line is, the product has to be of the standard promised in the advertising. If the customer is hooked on the product or service, nothing will make the consumer deviate from his choice. Similarly, if it is not good, no amount of advertising will make the consumer purchase it again.

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