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Marketing Essay – How to Strengthen Brand Recognition

Brand RecognitionA company or product has to undergo major changes and improvements in order to become a success. Brand recognition is the ability of the general public to identify the product through its attributes. This is a crucial part of the marketing process and a company needs to strengthen brand recognition as much as possible in order to make the product a success. This should be a leading factor in the minds of the management. Getting targeted customers to acknowledge and recognize the existence of the product through a variety of promotional tools and techniques is the way to do so. This essay concentrates on some of the techniques used for brand recognition. Continue reading

The Benefits of E-Marketing

e-marketingElectronic mail advertising is currently the most frequently used form of advertising on the internet. More and more people are logging on to the internet for their business or personal communications or other aspects. The internet, according to many businesspeople, is the best source of advertising in order to achieve market objectives. Any brand name can be marketed easily via the internet. This can be the direct response method or the indirect response method of marketing. A range of technologies are used in order to assist businesses to get in touch with their customers. Continue reading

Marketing Essay – Good and Bad Marketing Strategies

Marketing StrategiesIn marketing, we have to find so many ways of reaching our customers. The product’s success relies on how we market our goods and services. All marketers look for various methods to reach customers and retain their loyalty throughout. This requires a marketing plan and the plan concentrates on the best opportunities of increasing sales and rising above the competition, because it has to be faced, that competition is out there. So, therefore, it has to be stressed that the right marketing strategies are necessary to ensure a product’s success in the grand scheme of things. How does one identify the good and bad strategies in marketing? Continue reading

Marketing Essay – Examining the Pros and Cons of Direct Marketing

Direct MarketingThe words “direct marketing” mean exactly what they imply. This is when a company directly approaches a consumer in order to either sell or order a product. This is a very fruitful method of marketing if it is conducted in the proper manner. However, this type of marketing has its plusses and minuses. Continue reading