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Downsizing and its Impact on the Rest of the Employees

download (6)Many companies downsize in times of financial trouble. This reduces the scale of a business. Downsizing can occur for a multitude of reasons. It can be due to lack of skill, outsourcing, modernization etc. For example, so many businesses downsized during the recession. This meant letting people go without long-term notice and with only a month or so pay advance. Downsizing, although might be good for the business, and helps it stay afloat during tough times, is not good for the rest of the employees. No matter how much they may try to prepare themselves for this factor, when it actually comes to it, no employee is prepared for it. Plus, downsizing can also have an impact on the rest of the employees. Continue reading

Product Life Cycle Management

download (5)Most consumers do not consider the planning and work that go into the manufacture of goods. They simply purchase the goods they wish for and go about their daily lives. However, the production of goods takes considerable effort. It is a task that requires time and energy, and 100% dedication. The whole process of planning the product, to designing it, and manufacturing it, and disposing of it is referred to as product life cycle management. This is also referred to as PLM. Continue reading

Principles of Employee Empowerment and their Advantages

Employee MotivationVery few managers are able to empower their employees. They are worried that the employees may not do a good job and tend to control every situation where work is concerned. This can put a negative face on how employees look at the manager. Employee empowerment is necessary to reach high levels of productivity as, doing so, makes the employees feel they are in control. A happy and content employee is an employee who will work well for the organization. This essay is about the principles of employee empowerment and their advantages. Continue reading

Why Should Managers Delegate?

images (2)Delegation is a vital skill a good manager needs. However, many are quite reluctant to do so. This is because most managers feel it is safer to handle the work by themselves without relying on others to help them through it. Many believe their staff is incapable of handling the work set out for them and tend to horde the work. This can lead to all sorts of problems. For example, a manager who does not delegate will find that he or she is unable to complete the work successfully without delegating. Others will end up missing deadlines and submitting poor quality work. So, why should managers delegate? Why is it such a big deal? Continue reading

Advantages and Disadvantages of Family Owned Management

download (1)There are many businesses that have been operating for decades that are owned by only its family members. Working with family can be a good thing for many people. However, it can also be bad for others. There are so many advantages and disadvantages of family owned management. Any persons considering going into business with family members should consider all these advantages and disadvantages before taking the big step. This essay is about some of the advantages and disadvantages of family owned management. Continue reading