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Analysis and Opinion of The Fault in Our Stars

downloadThe Fault in Our Stars by John Green is a work of art, and is one of the best books by the author. It is also one of the most moving books I have ever read. The story is very modern and is about a girl named Hazel Grace Lancaster. She is a normal teenager afflicted with cancer in the lungs. And because of her weak lungs she has to carry an oxygen tank wherever she goes, which proves to be not so normal in the teenage world. Her life is very similar to every teenager afflicted with the disease, but all this changes one day when she meets Augustus Waters. Continue reading

Who is Agatha Christie – The Queen of Crime

download (3)When it comes to books on crime, Agatha Christie is about the best. Most people believe that crime stories are thought up by males. Therefore, it is unbelievable, for some, that some of the best crimes have been concocted by a woman. The Guinness Book of World Records has proclaimed Agatha Christie to be the second best-selling author of all time. She comes in second after the Bard, William Shakespeare. With the honor of being the second best-selling author, Agatha Christie is also known for having the most widely translated number as her books have been translated into as many as 103 languages. But, who is Agatha Christie? Continue reading

Opinion Essay on Fifty Shades of Grey

downloadFifty Shades of Grey is on everyone’s mind these days. The book has been around for a while and grabbed many fine reviews. However, with the movie recently being released, the book and its story have taken on higher criticism than before. While some of the criticism is positive, more and more are negative. No matter what the public opinion, reading the Fifty Shades of Grey was a novel and quite entertaining experience. This essay will strive to provide the readers with a glimpse into what Fifty Shades of Grey is. Continue reading

Character Analysis of Dorian Gray from the Picture of Dorian Gray

images (2)Writing a character analysis of Dorian Gray from the Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde is not an easy task, simply because Dorian Gray is not a simple man. He is exceptionally complex and, at the same time, extremely simple. He is sometimes two people, and yet he is one. Dorian Gray’s character is unique and quite enthralling. He is the epitome of eternal youth and beauty. This is a man who was not aware of how he looked and affected others until he saw himself reflected back in a painting. Continue reading

Analyzing Emma in Emma by Jane Austen

381603-MEmma is a novel written by Jane Austen. It is a novel about a charming young girl, who is on the threshold of adulthood and finds out she has a long way to go to become an emotionally mature person. Emma Woodhouse is pretty, outgoing and has the world at her fingertips. She lives by her own rules and is quite confident of herself. This is why she tests the rules of etiquette by looking for a husband for her dear friend Harriet. Continue reading