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Importance of Improving Education in Developing Countries

education.jpg.size.xxlarge.letterboxMost developing countries suffer with poverty and lack of health care and all the other benefits many developed countries take for granted is because of lack of education. Very few people in developing countries are literate. The majority of the people in these countries can barely read, or write, their own names. Rapid and continuous economic growth cannot be achieved, in a country, if less than 40% of its occupants are illiterate. Take sub-Saharan Africa as an example. According to sources, one in four children does not attend school. Out of those who attend, one in three drops out before they have completed primary school. If a country wishes to succeed economically, it has to do everything to improve the education system. This essay will concentrate on why education is important to improve the economy in developing countries. Continue reading

Greece and its History

images (4)Greece is a country that has a long history that dates back to the 8th and 6th centuries. The history of Greece is long and proud. It is a country that has fought many wars and has come out victorious despite the problems. Although Greece is experiencing many problems in the present day, it is obvious, this country will come out victorious. After all, any country with such a long history can survive just about anything life throws their way, right? This essay is not about Greece today, it is about Greece and its history. Continue reading

The Kashmir Conflict between India and Pakistan

Kashmir_Dal_lake_boatKashmir is a beautiful state. Surrounded by some of the highest mountain ranges, this beautiful valley is lush and green and densely populated. India and Pakistan are neighboring countries. These two countries share a common land called Kashmir. Kashmir, in the past, was ruled by a Maharaja. Although Kashmir has many regions, Jammu and Kashmir are the most populated. Many other regions fall into these states, but most of them belong to Pakistan. Some were taken over by China. However, the major portion of the state belongs to India. The Kashmir conflict has been going on for many decades, and still, there is no end in sight. Continue reading

Israel Palestine Conflict

downloadMany continents around the world are always in a state of war. No matter who or what tries to solve this problem, it is something that just does not seem to resolve itself. So many lives are lost as a result of these conflicts between two or three countries. One conflict that has been in the news since 1922 is the Israel Palestine conflict. The Israel Palestine conflict has been going on for as long as everyone can remember. In fact, this conflict has been going on since the beginning of the 20th century. This essay tries to understand the reasons for this conflict and the solutions that have been tried so far. Continue reading

Egypt – Then and Now

download (1)Egypt, as everyone knows, has a long history dating back to 3,100 BC. This long and rich history is mainly due to the flowing of the river Nile, its natives and outside influence. Most of the history of Egypt was a mystery to many until the discovery of the Rosetta Stone, and the deciphering of hieroglyphics. Now, many know and understand the long and rich history, mainly thanks to this. Kings and queens abounded, better known as Pharaohs. The Egyptian civilization was a very advanced one and many of these examples can be seen today. However, there have been marked differences in various aspects of Egypt, then and now. This essay is about some of these differences. Continue reading