The Root Cause of Low Employee Morale

images (1)Employees need to be happy and dedicated to their work and place of work in order for the business or company to succeed. Any reason for the compromise of their happiness and dedication should be looked into without fail, because low employee morale is a major problem for any business. One of the leading concerns, regarding unhappy employees, is reduced productivity. This can also lead to poor customer service and employee retention. There are many things a business can do to increase morale. This can be through raises, benefits and bonuses etc. However, if the employee morale has not lifted even with these, it is time to consider the root cause of low employee morale.

One of the outstanding reasons for low employee morale is the constant changes in employee goals. This can really tax and stress out employees, especially the ones who are trying to do a good job. The business should never tell their employees one thing is an important goal and have them working diligently towards that goal, only to change it for another. Employees need clear direction and guidelines when it comes to meeting goals. They cannot do their job properly if they are unsure about the goals and how to go about attaining them.

Confused employees are despondent employees. This will affect their morale. If the manager is not clear in his guidance, the employees can go around in circles trying to do a job they have no idea how to do. Confused employees perform poorly. Being chastised for poor workmanship, when it is clearly not their fault, can be the root cause of low employee morale. This is the manager’s task to ensure the job description is clearly stated and that the necessary information is provided on how to get the job done. Employees need to be trained properly to do this. If an employee knows what he or she has to do and how to do it, the job will get done faster and, as a result, the morale will be lifted.

Lack of communication between the management and the employees is also another cause of low employee morale. Employees who are not encouraged to speak their minds and express their ideas become despondent and this decreases their morale. Management who refuses to hear any other problems the employee might be having can also expect low employee morale in the workplace. If management encourages employees to talk and communicate with management, there is sure to be an increase in morale and work productivity.

Sometimes, management does not see talented employees. Sometimes an employee may be over-qualified for a particular job. This results in frustration and boredom on the employees’ part. Frustrated and bored employees will look for alternative ways to be appreciated, and where his or her true potential can be seen. They will start looking elsewhere for other jobs and will not do the jobs they have been assigned to do. Therefore, management should look for a more appropriate position for this employee. This will keep the employee happy in the work place and the work place will benefit from a productive employee.

It is always necessary to consider the root cause of low employee morale before considering anything else. This will save the business and boost sales and increase the employee’s morale.

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