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The Negative Effects of Procrastination

downloadWhen it comes to an assigned task, one must strive to do it as soon as possible. Putting it off will only cause untold complications that can be avoided if the task was done when it was assigned. Many managers have problems with employees due to their procrastination tendencies. Why do people procrastinate? This is a good question and one that has many possible answers. All these answers cannot help a person if he or she is not willing to do what has to be done immediately without waiting around. Procrastination has many negative effects. This essay is about some of them. Continue reading

How should Small Businesses Avoid Bankruptcy

download (2)New or small businesses have one thing in mind and one thing they would do anything to avoid. That is bankruptcy. What is bankruptcy? Bankruptcy is when a business is unable to pay the outstanding debts they owe customers or suppliers. For example, a clothing business that cannot pay the suppliers and the people who sew the clothes will have to file for bankruptcy. Although bankruptcy can help the businessman get out of the major portion of debt, it can also place the business person in a major quandary as he or she has to rebuild his or her financial life from the very beginning. So, the best way of remaining financially stable is to avoid bankruptcy. How can a small business avoid bankruptcy? Continue reading

Important Mistakes New Entrepreneurs should Avoid

mistakes managers makeAs businessmen and women, entrepreneurs have an obligation to succeed. However, everyone, no matter how smart, can make mistakes. Most smart entrepreneurs learn from these mistakes. Others, who are extremely smart, learn how to make a profit from these mistakes. Very few entrepreneurs admit to their failures. However, there are a few who admit they do and, in doing so, help others avoid these mistakes. This essay is about important things new entrepreneurs should avoid doing. Continue reading

The Importance of a Good Business Reputation

downloadThe survival of a business depends on many factors. One of these factors is its reputation. The trust and confidence, a consumer places on the business is vital for its survival. Many top companies have failed because of a story that brought them bad reputations. Companies, such as, Toyota is one company that has had many problems with various crisis. However, a good reputation is possible if the business does what it needs to recover. This essay will discuss the importance of a good business reputation. Continue reading

How to Respond to Customer Complaints

downloadIt is common for every business to have its share of issues that are, sometimes, good for the business as it enables the business to learn and grow. One of the main factors that help a business grow is its customer complaints. However, the key ingredient is to not have too many complaints which will not help the company grow. Understanding how to handle customer complaints is one way of minimizing them. This essay discusses some of the way in which a business can respond to customer complaints. Continue reading