Global Business Ethics

eithics-businessThe world is every day becoming smaller and smaller. It is becoming extremely easy for businesses to conduct business internationally without any problem. Business brings people together. However, culture keeps these people different from each other. This is something every business person, engaged in international business, and should keep in mind. The global business market is a diverse one, and there are different cultures involved. Every culture has their own business ethics. Keeping these global business ethics in mind is necessary to make a go at global business. But, what are these business ethics?

Business ethics can be different from country to country. However, there are some common basic ethics that every business person can easily keep in mind. The first one is finding common ground. As a business person deals with foreign countries and their people, language can become a barrier. For example, a Chinese business person may not speak English. Language is vital for communicating business ideas and goals. So, what does the business person do? Find common ground. This means, in the case of the Chinese businessman, finding an interpreter to make sure he understands what the American business person wants. The cultures of every country are not the same. Therefore, each business person should strive to find out information about the other country’s culture and its people and learn the boundaries before proceeding any further.

There is no booklet for global business ethics. However, it is common courtesy to be accommodating. If a business person were to conduct business with another party across the globe, there is bound to be a difference in time. This means always being available to the person across the globe. Every other person, within the business, too should be accommodating. Every person should be able to have access to any information required in the necessary language. Every person should be able to contact someone for any further clarification and additional support. Not being available to others across the world can make doing business a difficult task. If every business person is not accommodating, it is only a matter of time before the business will shut down.

Global business ethics call for honesty and keeping things straight. There should never be any shady dealings when doing business on a global level. It is illegal in every country to bribe others or pay for services “under the table”. Illegal maneuvers can only result in severe penalties and long-term repercussions. There should not be any exploitation, bribery, corruption and dishonesty, deception or any others that can be harmful to the business and to the persons concerned. If any of this is found out, it can result in great losses.

Every business must respect the basic human rights. If any company is not willing to do this, it is against all of business ethics. Any business that contributes to the destruction of human rights is headed in the wrong direction. This is not what global business ethics are about. If the business contributes to the destruction of basic human rights, the right thing to do is to withdraw from the market.

There are so many rules when it comes global business ethics. Any business considering going global, should always be aware of these ethics and conduct their business.

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