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Importance of Improving Education in Developing Countries

education.jpg.size.xxlarge.letterboxMost developing countries suffer with poverty and lack of health care and all the other benefits many developed countries take for granted is because of lack of education. Very few people in developing countries are literate. The majority of the people in these countries can barely read, or write, their own names. Rapid and continuous economic growth cannot be achieved, in a country, if less than 40% of its occupants are illiterate. Take sub-Saharan Africa as an example. According to sources, one in four children does not attend school. Out of those who attend, one in three drops out before they have completed primary school. If a country wishes to succeed economically, it has to do everything to improve the education system. This essay will concentrate on why education is important to improve the economy in developing countries. Continue reading

Thailand’s Ever Increasing Tourist Attraction –Prostitution

prostitution12On a recent trip to Thailand, I was horrified to see that prostitution was openly being advertised. This is a country steeped in culture and Buddhism and it is quite sad to see so many young girls and boys selling their bodies. There are no strict laws prohibiting prostitution in Thailand. However, doing so and making a nuisance of oneself is illegal. Prostitution is tolerated as a way of life in Thailand. It is practiced in clandestine fashion throughout different parts of the country, although it is openly practiced in Bangkok. Continue reading

Rwanda and its Conflicts

rwandaRwanda is a country in Africa. The country is divided into three ethnic groups; the Hutu, the Tutsi and Twa. Approximately 85% of the population is Hutu and this population, along with its extremists has had long-standing conflicts with the Tutsi. Tutsi civilians have always been accused of supporting various rebel groups who are against the Hutu. The Hutu were not happy people and almost always feared the minority Tutsis. This was made more pronounced with the shooting down of the plane carrying President Habyarimana, in 1994. This was just the beginning of the conflict of Rwanda. Continue reading

Japan and its Fascination with Raw Food

Raw FoodJapan is a country of many facets. It is a country that has quietly come up through various obstacles. The Japanese people are extremely polite, hardworking and kind. They are an extremely intelligent people who think ahead and do things with a plan. This is why Japan is what it is today. However, this essay is not about the people of Japan and its climb to economic prosperity. This essay is about the Japanese people and their fascination with raw food.

Continue reading

Brazil and its People

imagesNow that the World Cup is being hosted in Brazil, it is the right time to write an article on the country. This is a country that many people talk about irrespective of the fact that they are the hosts for the 2014 FIFA World Cup. This is a country where different colors blend to make a colorful palate and where people are friendly and are known for their festivities and grand parades. But, Brazil is much more than that. Brazil is beautiful and ugly. Brazil is exciting but never dull. Brazil is a blend of everything. Continue reading