The Role of Technology in Accounting

download (2)So much of life has been affected by technology. It has also improved life in ways that are beyond expectation. The accounting world too has seen many changes due to technology. Yes, it is a plus point and has helped businesses and various other organizations get ahead. No one does their accounting manually anymore. It is considered time-consuming and behind the times. Getting ahead of the times or going with the times is vital for any organization. As accounting is all about handling and dealing with business information, technology has played a positive role in accounting. What are the impacts of technology in accounting?

The accounting years have been improving with the introduction of various technologies over the years. For example, the abacus was one of the first inventions that started making life easier for accountants. This helped accountants keep track of various calculations in business. There have been many inventions, since then, that have worked at making things easier for accountants to do their jobs. After the first invention of the adding machine, came the calculator to provide accountants a more accurate figure of their accounts. With the advance in technology, the speed with which accountants did their jobs also increased. However, although adding machines were helpful, accountants still had to do a whole load of work on paper. This all changed in the 20th century with the invention of the computer, a major breakthrough in technology.

Along with the computer, came other inventions that helped in the world of accounting. These included printers, scanners and faxes. These additions also helped the accounting world exponentially. To say that the accounting world was transformed by technology is an understatement. The introduction to technology in accounting made life easier and more efficient. As computers were reasonably priced, small businesses too were able to get in on the advance in technology and make the most of it. Technology in accounting enabled small businesses to be more efficient and sophisticated and quick in their work.

Software is another invention that has impacted the accounting world. Accountants work with calculations and reports. The invention of spreadsheet programs enables accountants to become highly efficient and produce accurate work. Many accounting programs are easy to use and quite affordable. This is why this software is very popular with small businesses. This software makes the accountants’ jobs easy as it helps in their daily tasks.

Another impact of technology in accounting is the internet. The internet worked miracles in the world of accounting. Now, various documents can be shared, research can be done easily and all taxes can be filed online.

Security is vital for accounting. In this way too, technology has made a significant impact on the accounting world. for example, accounting information is confidential and should be kept under lock. With the advancement of technology, accounting information can be kept securely with limited accessibility. Only those with security passwords can look at confidential information. In the past, accountants had to use binders and papers to record accounts and had to lock these in safe places and carry a key around with them. Today, thanks to the advancement of technology, information is kept secure under encrypted code so that no unauthorized person can look at this information.

The world of accounting has seen many benefits and advancements because of technology. This is only the beginning. In the future, there will be more benefits due to the advancement in technology in accounting.

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