Duties of an Accounting Clerk

Accounting EssayEvery company has different requirements for employees, and there are many employees who have to fulfill each role they are assigned to do. One of these employees is an accounting clerk. An accounting clerk will be hired to fulfill various accounting requirements within the accounting department. They are important people who handle various accounting jobs that include bookkeeping and accounting transactions. The duties of an accounting clerk depend on the size of the business. However, there are a few common duties which all accounting clerks have to carry out. This essay is about a few of those.

As mentioned above, the duties of an accounting clerk in a large organization differ from the duties of an accounting clerk in a small organization. For example, an accounting clerk working in a small company will have to handle the entire accounting process of all the clients. As one person handles a myriad of accounting duties, many small businesses prefer to hire an accountant with a significant amount of experience. These companies think twice about hiring degreed accountants as they are new to the job and may not be able to handle the entire work load. Some of the common duties of an accounting clerk in a small business include balancing accounts, making customer payments, paying invoices, handling payroll and bank reconciliations etc. They may also be required to product reports that can be reviewed by managers.

Accounting clerks, working in large companies, may find that their duties are more specialized. For example, an accounting clerk may be assigned only part of the accounting process, unlike smaller companies. Most large businesses employ many accounting clerks to do specific job duties pertaining to accounting. For example, the duties of one accounting clerk may be the handling of accounts receivable and only this. This accounting clerk, will then, attend to payments of customers, contact customers about past-due accounts and balance accounts. Another accounting clerk will attend to the task of accounts payable. This accounting clerk will enter seller invoices, prepare and mail checks and communicate with sellers.

Any person who wishes to follow in the field of accounting requires many skills. One of the most salient skills is the ability to pay attention to detail. Accounting clerks handle many accounting transactions. They should attend to these accounting transactions with a minimum of errors. They should also be well-organized as they are required to handle a significant amount of paperwork. Accounting clerks are responsible for much of the company’s finances. Therefore, they need to be able to handle sensitive financial information and transactions, and should do so as discreetly as possible.

Although small companies may hire accounting clerks with a high school diploma, larger companies prefer accounting clerks with associate’s degrees or some work experience. Some may even require the accounting clerk to possess a bachelor’s degree, although this occurs only if the job is highly specialized.

An accounting clerk is a very important person in a company. The duties of an accounting clerk are also very important and require specialized skills. This is a person who handles all the important business accounts and transactions. Therefore, this person needs to posses all the criteria required that enables him or her to fulfill his or her duties.

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