This site is aimed at helping students with writing an essay that makes the reader  go WOW! While essay writing is often treated as a difficult task where most students score low, it need not be the case. We feel that with some guidance, tips and sample essays, your essay writing hours will not be spent on staring at a blank wall, so to say!  By following a systematic process where you identify your essay topic, plan your essay content, do proper research to identify content and then do the actual writing, you are bound to achieve a better result. Structuring, editing and formatting are other important aspects of essay writing that contributes to a “WOW Essay”.  Therefore, students should also gain a good understanding of formatting methods such as APA, Harvard, MLA etc. and apply them as per tutor specifications. We hope the content in our site helps you achieve a better level of competencies in essay writing. Good Luck!


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